Welcome to Royal White Elephant.

Royal White Elephant is about inspiring, empowering and motivating people. Royal White Elephant is about wisdom.

They say that knowledge is the key to life. It’s actually wisdom. It’s the wisdom of the heart that will set you free. It’s wisdom, always wisdom that helps you realize and see how blessed you are, how incredible you are, how beautiful you are and how powerful you are. Wisdom makes you feel free, happy, peaceful and whole. Please understand the importance of wisdom. How precious your heart/soul/spirit is. All answers can be found within. Peace is found within. Nothing is more valuable than inner peace.

The meaning of our name.

In the story of the Buddha, the white elephant is connected to fertility and knowledge. On the eve of giving birth to the Lord Buddha, his mother dreams that a white elephant comes to present her with a lotus, symbol of purity and knowledge.

Elephants symbolize noble things such as wisdom, stamina and strength. Our goal is to help people by inspiring them and empowering them by making them realize that they are incredibly powerful, worthy and beautiful. You see, we believe that with wisdom you can achieve pretty much anything. You generate positive results, not only with hard work, but with positive thinking as well.

With our newsletter we wish to impart wisdom onto our customers.

In legend the Royal White Elephant brought sacred power. It brought fertility. For the kings of Burma and Siam, the possession of these sacred beasts became very important. A king who had many fine white elephants would be successful – his kingdom would prosper and his reign be long. If his white elephants died, it foretold disaster for the king and his kingdom.

Without proper guidance, knowledge and wisdom you cannot achieve your goals. We wish to help our customers by empowering them with knowledge, wisdom, motivation and inspiration. With the proper mindset, inspiration and motivation you can achieve your goals and inspire others.

Slogan & Founder

Royal White Elephant was created by Bram Joosten.

I went through a difficult childhood. I was bullied a lot. You can use negative experiences as a catapult to make you go up, up, up in life (become compassionate, successful and driven) or as poison (drown yourself in bitterness and hatred). I decided to use my negative experiences as fuel for my fire. I became motivated, driven and inspired.

However, before I could turn all the negative stuff that happened to me into something positive, I needed to live a life of solitude first so that I could process everything and heal myself. I lived in solitude for 10 years. During this time I meditated every day for many hours. During my cleansing period (where I fasted and drank only water for 21 days), I even meditated up to 16 hours every day. This is how I healed my emotional baggage and how I turned everything that was weighing me down into something positive.

I gained so many insights during this period. After many years, I could experience very deeply that love is the strongest force of the universe and that love is our essence.

Find your strength in love is my slogan.

I teach people how to stay centered in love. Nothing can stop you when you feel love.
All that matters is how you feel.
And if you learn to stay centered in love
then you can always feel happy, peaceful
and free no matter what.
Life is just a reflection of how you feel. Master how you feel inside and everything else will fall into place.

I educate people how they can tap into this limitless power of the heart and how they (with the power of love/the wisdom of the heart) can create the life of their dreams. 

Wisdom is like the sun.. It makes everything bright. It makes all darkness & cold go away.