Your dreams can come true

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Your vision will manifest. Because life is what you put into it. So hold on to your dreams. Develop a vision that will give you everything you ever wanted. Keep this vision alive by having focus, faith, a positive attitude and a willingness and drive that make you never stop putting more passion, energy and good vibes into the dream that makes you happy. Do this and you will get everything your heart ever desired. Do this and you will be a shining example of what is possible with which you will inspire many people.

You have it in you to make your dreams come true, to make a difference. Never forget that. You are very precious.May you come to the point of remembering that all wisdom required for your dream and vision to come true is already contained within, it is hidden in the depths of your infinite soul and accessible to you in the moment of realization.

You can only realize something when you are ready to see. When you can clearly see that you are capable then you will realize that you are able to make your dreams come true.

This freeing insight, this knowledge, is truly available when you choose to open your heart and see that you are a creator and responsible for your experience. We shape our reality with vibes, with beliefs, with our vision, with how we choose to act and how we to choose to react.

If you are to step into your true power, which is love, then you need to choose to be love and to do things with love.

Love, is found when you allow the universe to work through you. The key word is ‘allow’ and ‘surrender’. There is no effort then. It is in these moments, when we open our heart and surrender to spirit, that we have access to our true power and wisdom.

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