Why you should be happy

There are lot of things that can weigh you down or that can make you feel sad or depressed, but did you know that by looking at those things in a different way you can remain happy?

For example, instead of blaming a person or a situation for your sadness/frustration/anxiety, you can choose to look at the person or even the situation as the perfect teacher. What is this person or situation really teaching you?

The bad helps us appreciate the good and sometimes the bad can wake up us a little bit when we get distracted or forget how thankful we can be for what we have now.

Really, the key to happiness is the ability to live in the now. You automatically live in the now when you feel gratitude, love and joy because that’s when you are living from your heart. The ego cannot really enjoy things or feel love for things. No, that comes from your heart. That comes from your soul.

So you could say that the ability to stay centered in love is what brings true peace & happiness (and freedom). What if everything that happens to you is simply to bring you back to your heart? Back to the source of true happiness & peace.

After all.. You are always free to feel love. You are responsible for your feelings. Nobody can make you feel worthless if you know your worth and nobody can make you feel miserable if you realize how blessed you are. The best a negative situation or person can do when you are centered in love is remind you how strong, awesome, beautiful and amazing you are. They can help you experience that you are the calmness in the storm, the light in the dark. And when you are deeply rooted in love… Then you really are all that! Then you are a mountain.

What is life/the universe doing to you? Making you a mountain, that cannot be moved. One day you will feel like you are high up on a rock, looking out at the horizon, seeing how beautiful everything is. And all you have to do.. Is enjoy and be.

The universe is helping you remember how it feels like to be free. And that’s why you should be happy.. Because you are blessed. Because you are truly free and all you need to do is remember.

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