There is no need to fear rejection

Nothing ever applies to you. Everything people say or do is merely a reflection of the relationship that they have with themselves. All people can ever do is project their own beliefs/issues/fears/desires and dreams onto you, but none of this has anything to do with you. Therefore, nothing ever needs to be taken personally. If you can fully and deeply understand that then the fear of rejection simply disappears.

Even more so when you realize that you are perfect just the way you are and you are on a perfect journey which leads you to fully understand & appreciate the beauty of God/Love. There is infinite potential within all of us for we are all children of God. Nobody is truly ugly either, we are all beautiful inside. This beauty is revealed when we heal our emotional wounds and when we clean up our emotional baggage. Then (when we are purified and our heart is open) we can see and experience the beauty of our soul, the beauty of our heart, the magnificence of God. We all heal, purify, learn, grow and evolve in our own way. We all have our own path. In truth, you can’t do anything wrong, you can make mistakes, but you learn from those mistakes. Everything is a reflection. Therefore, we are all in our own way, perfect teachers to each other.

All this means that you simply have to be yourself and enjoy the ride. You don’t need to fear anything. This is your own choice. What do you choose? Fear or love. This choice is presented to you time and time again until you finally decide to always choose love. And then.. You are free.

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