Focus on yourself

Be a light unto oneself.

You can love people all you want, but don’t expect them to always be there when you need them or that they will stay in your life forever or that you can completely rely on them. Do this and you will always be disappointed. In the end you still have to save/love yourself. In the end all that matters is that you love yourself and that you can find/see everything within yourself.
To me that is true love and true heaven because it’s the only way to set yourself free and how others can be free around you. And when you are free then you can truly empower & heal others. Because then you can truly always come from a place of wholeness and authenticity.
There no love greater than self-love. Nothing is more important than the relationship that you have with the universe/yourself. In fact, life is about becoming/feeling one with the universe again. It’s about remembering who you really are. It’s a journey.
Nothing else really matters. All that matters is how you (choose to) feel. You don’t have to take life seriously. You don’t have to let things get you down or make you feel blue. Your feelings are your responsibility. Learn how to feel good about yourself, the world, others. That’s what inner peace is. And yes, inner peace is everything because that’s how you transform your life and perhaps even the world. With peace. With love. With positive vibes, ideas, plans and intentions.

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