How to remove lack from your life

Are you currently struggling with financial problems or are you lacking something?


First, here are some powerful & healing words that I want you to remember forever: You can reply completely on your own heart. It’s all you need. All you need is love.
If you’re in a situation where you are experiencing lack then know that the universe has your back if you want to turn things around as long as you tune into abundance. You decide when you want to make it right. The solution of any problem/challenge always starts with you.
So let’s say you can’t pay the bills and this is giving you the chills 😉. Decide to let go of any fear and worry and be thankful for the situation that you are currently in. It’s simply a teacher that is telling you that something needs to be done and it’s only here to help you rise.
You can respond to this teacher in two ways.
The first way is by sending out with your emotions, actions, thoughts and words: “I’m worried, I have fear, so in this case you must continue to appear”.
In this case the money problems will continue to exist until you learned what you needed to learn from it (for one it helps you appreciate abundance more, there is much you can learn from poverty, but you don’t want to remain poor forever, so don’t remain trapped in this kind of negative thinking).
The second way is by sending out with your emotions, thoughts and words: “I am grateful for this lesson and I consider it a blessing. I will let it motivate & inspire me to tune into abundance (focus on  wealth & prosperity) and to make myself and my life richer. I have no worry and no fear because love is here. I will focus on the solution and this will bring my abundance to fruition. I trust that the universe has my back and that I will soon receive the much needed check”.
This is really the one and only way to solve money problems (developing a healthy relationship with abundance and yourself). Love abundance, appreciate and value it and use it to light up the grid. Be generous and bless other people with your wealth. You get what you give. If you make plans to help a lot of people then the universe will support you by giving you the abundance and resources you need to bring those plans into fruition. You cannot experience lack if you always give back and conspire together with the universe to bless, help and heal as many people as possible.

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