The Art Of Letting Go

The Art Of Letting Go. It’s an Art alright.. because it’s not easy for most people to let go. To let go of their worries, their doubts, their past, their sadness, their ambitions and most importantly.. Their ego and all it’s tricks that keep you from living in the now. In this blog post, I will share what it takes to be able to let go of everything.
When you realize that love is everything, that love is within and that you can never lose it, only grow more aware of it.. Then you know that it’s no sacrifice at all.. To let go of everything and just BE.
You’re already happy, you’re already successful (love is the greatest wealth), but you have to see, realize, feel and acknowledge this very deeply before you can let go of everything.
The real question is.. How do I become deeply rooted in love? How do I free my mind? How do I fly? The answer: open your heart, let God/Love/Source in and let it do it’s thing through you. It’s eventually going to do that anyway because the universe is always trying to wake you up, shake you up until you can finally see.. That everything is here now. EVERYTHING is here NOW. You can only gain, you can only grow richer in spirit, but you cannot lose anything for you in essence already are everything.
Why do I say this? Because it works like this: when you love something it’s perfect, but only then. Nothing can complete you and yet your love completes everything.
You give value to things… Joy comes from you, not from things that you cherish. When you love something then you feel joy because love is joy.
All you ever have to realize is what I just told you.
You are the power, the value is in you. Your reaction, how you feel, how you see things, how you perceive things, what you focus on… It’s everything! Because this determines how your life will eventually look like. The world is your mirror. What you feel is somehow always going to be reflected in your life. Don’t believe me? Try feeling sad for a while and see what happens. Then try feeling happy for a while and see what happens then.
Dig deep into your heart, into your soul and find what matters the most to you and then focus on that. Keep focusing on the things that matter the most to you and your life will change for the better. Keep focusing on the things that weigh you down and your life will fall apart, but that doesn’t matter.. Because it’s never to late to feel happy and the universe just wants you to be happy, so you can be sure that you will find happiness and you can also be sure that happiness is an inside job.
So let GO… And let God. Until nothing weighs you down anymore. Until you can fly. God will fix your broken wings. God will teach you how to fly. Our greatest teacher is our own HEART.

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