How to create a wonderful future

Let me start of by saying that attitude is everything. Your reaction is also everything. You create a good future by creating a good attitude and you can change the outcome of any situation by changing how you see/feel about it.

You probably know that life has way of echoing back what you put into it. So, if you have a good attitude then this means that you have positive thoughts and this means that you are sending out positive vibrations. Positive vibes attract positive people, positive opportunities and can change a negative situation into a positive situation.

Basically, this means that you really wanna work on having a good attitude if you want to have a good future, but how do you develop a good attitude? Well, by growing, learning and by working on the relationship that you have with yourself. Self-love is the key to happiness and all that matters is how you feel. After all, if sending out positive vibes (being happy/peaceful) attracts good things then how you feel determines how your life will eventually look like.

Now, some people may wonder is it really that simple? I just have to change how I feel about myself, about life, about the world and then I can have it all? Yes and no… Because drastically changing how you generally feel about things and how you see things is not something that occurs within a week, a month or even a year.

What’s that? There is no shortcut? No fancy, pricey product that I can buy which will teach me how to have a positive attitude overnight? How to always feel good no matter what happens? Nope.. Sorry, there is no elevator to success. You have to take the stairs. I’m actually here to say that the journey is the gift and that you should just enjoy the ride as much as you can. Your heart is your greatest teacher and you will always get what you need. This includes life lessons, some of which are nice and some of which are very tough. You will meet people that will either hurt you, use you, betray you, heal you and/or love you, but all of them are teachers and all of them are in your life for a reason. What’s the reason? Everything that ever happened to you.. Happened to wake you up, to help you see that you are everything that you were ever looking for. You have to be able to say: I am the love of my life. And really mean it. If you can do that, if you can really do that.. Then you know that there is nothing greater than being in love with your true self. Nothing compares. Having a good relationship with your true self is really all that matters. Once the relationship with your true self is good then the rest will fall into place since the world is pretty much a reflection of the relationship that you have with yourself.

Now some people may call this ‘true self’ God or source or the universe, but it doesn’t matter what you call it.. What matters is how you feel. That’s all that matters.. If you can feel GOOD about everything (mostly about yourself) then you have peace with everything and when you have peace with everything then you are a blessings magnet. PERIOD.

All you need is to do is love. It doesn’t matter what or who you feel love, just love.

Love is the answer.

So.. Love your children, love your spouse, love your pets, love all the mean people who treated you like shit simply because they made you so much stronger and more compassionate. Love the setbacks because they challenged you to grow more mature, love failure because it taught you the value of success, love your current situation simply because it’s the perfect teacher for you right now in this present moment. Love the process and see how fast the results all the sudden start coming.

Wait.. Are you saying that I just need to learn how to love unconditionally?

Is it really that hard to forgive, have compassion, follow your passion, follow your heart and just be happy? Apparently, because plenty of people are still holding a grudge, judging others, following their ego and being miserable & mean.

Now.. How your future will look like all depends on which kind of person you choose to be. It starts with you. And really.. The choice is yours, because it’s all within you already. You can find so much love, happiness and peace within yourself.. If you would only bother to go within and heal your wounds, clean up the baggage and find out that there was an infinite treasure within you all along.

That infinite treasure is your heart. Your soul. When you find your true self then you find love.. And you will someday find out that love truly is everything. They call it the strongest force of the universe for a good reason… Feeling love, feeling gratitude, feeling happiness, feeling peace.. It simply changes everything.

You wanna know how to create a wonderful future? Learn how to love. This goes beyond just loving your family (although that’s a good start). I am talking about learning to love everything because only then can you truly have peace with everything. And then you are truly free.

Being able to really love is like being able to fly.. Because, love is freedom. Love gives you wings. I have experienced this very deeply. Love is heaven. When did I feel whole, when did I feel happy, when did I feel safe, when did I feel content? The answer will always be.. When I felt love.

And because the answer to happiness is so simple.. Many people refuse to believe it. They continue looking for things outside of themselves. They become addicted to things such alcohol, drugs, money and sex, but none of this will ever make them truly happy. As long as they continue to follow their ego (which is a bottomless pit), they will never find true happiness and peace. I hope this article inspires you to really start following your heart. The heart knows the way to true happiness and freedom. Just remember that.. And no matter what happens, or what you done or gone through, you can always start following your heart. You are always free to choose love. Always free to create a wonderful life :).

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