Revolution of Love

To the one reading this:
1. You are beautiful. I’m not talking about the way you look.
I look past that. I’m talking about your heart, your soul.
Nothing is more beautiful than your true self, than love. You are truly love.
Your true essence is really pretty :)).
2. You are blessed. Everything that happens to you is meant to shape you.
Your experiences made you, you. Enjoy the ride. It’s meant to make
you more aware of the infinite treasure that is already within you.
Awaken to your true self and see that everything that you were looking
for was with all along. It’s about what you have. Happiness is an inside job.
The rest does not matter that much once you have found your true self.
Because when you find your true self, you find inner peace. And nothing
is more valuable than inner peace. Money can’t buy inner peace.
So don’t be a victim or a slave to anything. Step into your true power.
Connect with your heart and enjoy this gift called life.
Follow your passion, bliss, be true to yourself.
3. Everything is divine and everything is awesome.
Why? Because everything is nature. You are part of the whole.
You have a purpose and place in the world.
Everything is a reflection. Everything and everybody is a perfect teacher.
Everything and everybody is there to help you wake up, to help you rise.
Help you become more aware of your true self. Everything and everybody
is valuable and so are you. You are worthy.
It’s just that it’s about how you see yourself
and how you feel about yourself that determines
your place in the world. So focus on the relationship
that you have with yourself. It’s the most important thing!
Why? Because all that matters is how you feel.
Everything starts with how you feel. The world is just
a reflection of that. Feel good and the world will adjust to match that feeling (the world is your mirror).
If we want to change the world then we must focus on becoming instruments of love, beacons of light. We must choose love over fear and hatred. We must choose to feel peaceful, happy and grateful. That way we can spread positive vibes all over the world and start a revolution of love.

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