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How To Go From Rags To Riches

We all love rags-to-riches stories. But the question remains – how to get there?

Have you ever looked at someone successful and got the feeling that you can’t accomplish what they have accomplished? Well, the truth is you can! No matter what life throws at you, you can always choose to rise above it.That’s what most successful people have done. They never gave up on their dreams.
Do you know you already possess what you need to be successful?
It’s your mind. The ultimate manifesting tool!
You don’t need anything outside of your own mind and heart (all you need is love) to create the life of your dreams. And when you become attached to any one thing outside of yourself -whether it’s money, a person, or certain circumstances — you will be bound to the attachment and ignore the power of your mind & heart, which is where all things are created.
When you connect with your heart and allow it to take over your mind (making the switch from ego thinking to love thinking) then you can get what you truly desire! The heart wants what the heart wants.
Each of us has the potential to change our way of thinking, to overcome self-limiting beliefs and fears. Allow love (your heart) to control your mind and you will realize that you have the power to change your life. After all.. Nothing is more powerful than love.
It doesn’t matter where you are now. You have the ability to use your mind & heart to get everything you desire, no matter what your current circumstances are.
So when you see a successful person, remind yourself that you both have the same potential (unlimited). If you can see and believe it.. You can achieve it!
If you remain focused on your dreams, the outcome is already written. You will make your dreams come true. The question is how to get there. Well.. the answer is up to you!
By using your amazing mind and learning and growing from mistakes and failures, by thinking outside the box, by believing in yourself and pushing yourself to become who you want to be, by working on yourself to shift to a positive mindset.
So “what is” going to stop you?
The limiting beliefs, that limit what people can accomplish — until they are reprogrammed in their thinking. Unfortunately, too many people aren’t interested in self-help so they go through their life frustrated by their inability to be successful.
They accept their “lot in life” as what they are destined for, or they rebel against themselves or life in some way (drugs, alcohol, loveless sex, crime, etc.).
Everyone gets some bad programming, but it can always be overcome.
If there’s enough desire to succeed – whatever success means to the individual – the way can be found. The most empowering attitude is gratitude for what you have, and a total commitment to overcome any obstacles.