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How I created the body of my dreams

In this blog post I also want to share a bit about why I choose to not be vegan or a vegetarian. I have actually been a vegetarian for a few years, but it didn’t work well for me. I became obese and didn’t feel or look too well. I also tried being a vegan & […]

How to be happy part 6

The more secure you become within yourself, the more secure you’ll become within your relationships with others. — Saniyyah Mayo When you have fought so hard to get back on your feet, don’t ever go back to the people who knocked you down. — Steve Aitchison

Becoming A Champion

Life is all about transformation. I decided to go from a skinny body to a muscular body in less than a year. Mind you, that I have been doing strength training for over 12 years and in 2014 I was simply mostly into running and fitness which meant doing lots of cardio and not going […]

How to remove lack from your life

Are you currently struggling with financial problems or are you lacking something?   First, here are some powerful & healing words that I want you to remember forever: You can reply completely on your own heart. It’s all you need. All you need is love. If you’re in a situation where you are experiencing lack then […]

How To Go From Rags To Riches

We all love rags-to-riches stories. But the question remains – how to get there? Have you ever looked at someone successful and got the feeling that you can’t accomplish what they have accomplished? Well, the truth is you can! No matter what life throws at you, you can always choose to rise above it.That’s what most successful […]